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Celebrity kids

Lou Samuel

Lou Samuel and her Supermodel mom Heidi Klum holding hand while both stepped out for Starbucks in Brentwood, California on January 11. Little Lou carried a Purple “I Love Curtis” balloon. and then mother and girl go to the soccer game with her other children participating

Hedi Klum and her children Lou Samuel, Leni Klum go for lunch at el divino restaurant in Los Angeles, CA on April 14.

Super model mom Heidi Klum and her children Leni Klum, Johan Samuel, Henry Samuel and Lou Samuel all smile as family spending time at the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday March 4, 2012

Family kayaking, sunbathing, and socializing with friends.

Heidi Klum with her mom Erna and daughters Lou Samuel, Leni Klum shopping in Brentwood, Calif on November 12, 2011.

Mommy Heidi Klum and daddy Seal take their little girls Leni Klum (in pink) and Lou Samuel (in red) to ballet class in Brentwood, CA on October 22nd, 2011.

Super model mom Heidi Klum take her kids, Leni Klum, Henry Samuel, Johan Samuel and Lou Samuel to Giggles N’ Hugs in Los Angeles, California on March 27.

With help by her mom, nanny and bodyguard.

Supermodel Heidi Klum with her kids Leni Klum, Henry Samuel, Johan Samuel, and Lou Samuel spending the day having a picnic and playing on the playground with other family members at the Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on September 19

Heidi Klum takes her kids Henry Samuel, Leni Klum, little baby Lou Samuel and Johan Samuel to the park in Tribeca, New York on June 26.